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Tiffany Dunsdon

Chief Executive Officer

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Nature of business

Adapt IT Holdings Proprietary Limited operates as a business with 6 divisions led by a core team of executives under a single Adapt IT Group brand (Adapt IT Holdings Proprietary Limited or Adapt IT) to provide leading specialised software and digitally-led business solutions that assist customers across the targeted industries to Achieve more by improving Customer Experience, Core Business Operations, Business Administration, Enterprise Resource Planning and Public Service Delivery.

Adapt IT has successfully pursued an acquisitive growth strategy and is interested to further invest in suitable software companies where mutual value can be created by being part of our Group.

Adapt IT is now a member of Volaris Group, a global vertical market software leader. Volaris Group has a successful track record of acquiring and growing software companies in more than 40 countries globally. For more information on the Volaris Group approach to acquisitions, visit