What is Board

Board – which Adapt IT is a licensed re-seller for South Africa – is an all-in-one Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution that includes everything you need in a single platform:
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Performance Management
    • Rolling Forecasts
    • Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
    • Modelling
    • Financial Consolidation
  • Analytics Software, including Predictive Analytics
Board unifies all data source and functionality required for decision making into a single platform.

Customer Challenges

Rolling Forecast

Impossible to do rolling forecast.

Multiple Systems

Multiple systems used for budgeting, forecasting, consolidation & reporting.

Constant Rework

Constant rework of figures in spreadsheets.


Very difficult to do analysis of figures.

Low Value Process

Budgeting is seen a low value process in the organisation.


Very difficult to re-forecast.

Multiple Data Sources

Multiple data sources and thus multiple versions of the truth.

Time Consuming

Time consuming Budgeting and Forecasting Process.


Reliance on spreadsheets.

Data Integrity

Data integrity issues as data needs to be constantly re-balanced to source.


Rigid budget process that cannot adapt to change quickly.


Budget and Forecast models are costly to maintain and change.

Lack of Collaboration

Lack of collaboration in the budgeting process.


Slow reporting cycles.

Security Concerns

Security concerns, company figures emailed around in spreadsheets.

Board Benefits

Financial Benefits

Fast: As there is no coding required, the development time is fast without sacrificing performance.

Easy: As a single platform it is easy to use, without having to learn to use multiple solutions.

Total Cost of Ownership: Board is the most agile solution in the market that allows for the evolution of your process, thus offering a low TCO compared to traditional solutions.

Cloud or On-Premises: Same application regardless of deployment – can be moved from the Cloud to on-premises without any changes required.

Operational Benefits

All in-one: A true single platform solution that includes business intelligence, performance management and analytics

One Version of the Truth: All performance management data contained in one single “version of the truth” dataset, with drill through capabilities to source systems

Flexibility: An extremely flexible solution to meet your specific requirements and which does not force you into a specific way of doing things.

Scalable: Board has been designed to contain large volumes of data and address all performance management challenges.

User self-sufficiency: Was developed for the business user and is thus easy to develop, maintain and evolve applications.

Secure: There is no need to have confidential company information floating around in spreadsheets and e-mails. Restrict views to data as required down to any level.

MS Office Integration: Easy access to all data directly from Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word applications with the Board Office Add-in.

Process Benefits

Workflow: Allows you to plan the Performance Management process effectively and efficiently without relying solely on deadline dates.

Collaboration: Allow planners to collaborate with each other, especially where they impact each other in the business.

Self-service: Quickly discover insights without being reliant on someone else.

Board Features

Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Data modelling
  • Data Insights
  • Data analysis
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Reporting

Performance Management

  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Rolling Forecasts
  • Zero based budgeting
  • Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
  • Modelling
  • Financial Consolidation

Analytics Software

  • Data mining
  • Automatic predictive modeling
  • Forward-looking data insights
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