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What is EPM

We define Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) a lot wider than most, as it is a way of managing your business effectively. It includes methods and solutions for the business to operate optimally and to connect their long-term strategy with operations. At Adapt IT, we help you gain visibility into your expenses in particular technology vendors, to improve your ability to control spend, identify risk, increase productivity and optimize your spend decisions.

From there we help you model, plan, budget and forecast your business for all eventualities which will include Sales and Operations, Capital and Projects plans, Workforce planning, other Expense planning and linking these to your Financial plan and Rolling Forecasts.

In addition we will take care of your Statutory Financial Consolidation and all subsequent analysis, dashboarding and reporting.



EPM Capabilities

Budgeting & Forcasting

Our solutions will aid in quantifying expected revenues and forecasting on future numbers.

Financial Consolidation

We will help you combine financial data from various departments or business entities for reporting purposes.

Performance Reporting & Advanced Analytics

Examine your data, discover deeper insights, make predictions, take action and save.

Expense Management

Important for better control over your company's finances with real-time cost management for accurate planning.

Invoice Cost Management

Determine your appropriate retail price in relation to your purchase of goods at wholesale price.

Committed Savings Realisation

Streamlining your costs will lead to savings realisation and better enterprise performance.

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Over the past 35 years

Adapt IT has played a pivotal role within the public and private sector:

  • Improved budgeting and forecasting
  • Accurate indirect cost allocations
  • Reliable consolidated financial results
  • Secure in the knowledge that they’re using their assets efficiently and effectively, thereby freeing up budget to innovate

Our Achievements


R41 million saved

International Manufacturer

R1.1 million saved


R1.2 million saved

Public Sector

R9 million saved


R17 million saved

Short-Term Insurer

R1.2 million saved

Long-Term Insurer

R1.4 million saved
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