What is Streamline Expense Management

Our niche focus and broad experience across diverse industries gives us an incisive understanding of technology and communication expense management. This experience offers our enterprise customers in-depth visibility and insight of their technology ecosystem in order to identify areas of optimisation that support key business strategies.

Streamline Expense Management proactively manages the services and invoices of an enterprise’s technology provider in order to offer transparency of associated vendor expenditure, accurate cost allocation and vendor compliance throughout the organisation.
Streamline Expense Management

Customer Challenges

Billing and Invoice Anomalies

Exception reporting is needed to highlight billing and invoice anomalies.

Operational Automation

Operational Automation of service requests to service providers.

Managing Various Business Divisions

Managing infrastructure and variable costs associated to various business divisions or areas.

Difficulty Understanding Financial Costs

Financial understanding of variable costs and services associated to monthly invoices.

Reporting Ability

Current reporting does not highlight opportunities to optimise.

Streamline Expense Management Benefits

Improved Visibility

By providing consolidated insight of all services and costs associated to service provider billing.

Improved Productivity

By providing understanding of current technology costs in order to implement optimisation opportunities thereby reducing time spent.

Improved Insight

By providing platform deployment to support key business decisions and implementation of technology strategies in order to deliver cost reductions, business efficiency, integration and alignment.

Improved Cost Control

By providing tools to ensure reduction of billing anomalies, wastage and unused infrastructure and services.

Improved Accuracy

By providing for accurate vendor invoice billing as well as journal cost allocation across the various divisions and brands.

Streamline Expense Management Features


  • Limited risk
  • Subscription based service model
  • Cost effective
  • Return on investment
  • No long term commitments
  • Limited capital outlay
  • Total transparency of technology expenditure


  • Limited impact on resources
  • Maintained environment
  • Ease of implementation
  • Limited training required
  • Quality assurance standards
  • High system expertise


  • Scalable platform
  • Continually enhanced
  • Version upgrades included
  • DR environment
  • Data recovery policy and procedures
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Backup and archiving available
  • No Microsoft OS licensing fees
  • No Microsoft SQL licensing fees


  • No on-site server hardware
  • Solution monitoring and maintenance
  • Secure data environment


  • Data security
  • Firewall protected environment
  • Access controlled and audited
  • Privacy of data guaranteed
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