What is Streamline Mobile

Streamline Mobile for mobile expense tracking provides you with an in-depth enterprise mobility management solution outlining every aspect of mobile consumption so that you control, optimise and can use to plan ahead.

The platform’s seamless integration with mobile carriers provides our clients with transparency and insight into their mobility costs, through an extensive examination of billing and usage of mobile devices.
Streamline Mobile

Customer Challenges

Mismanagement of Roaming Fees

International roaming fees are soaring and international usage, or misuse of this service, needs to be contained going forward.

Ineffective Management of Mobile Usage

Ineffective management of the complexity of increased mobile usage and self-service within your enterprise.

Inability to Track Changes

The need exists for greater ability to track employee changes, their various contract changes and aggregating associated bills.

Streamline Mobile Benefits

Effective Management

Increased mobile usage and self-service within your enterprise.

Track Changes

Greater ability to track employee mobile changes.

Aggregate Bills

Ability to aggregate associated bills.

Reduction and Containment

Reduction and containment of runaway mobile costs and soaring roaming fees.

Elimination of Misuse

Effective management of international usage and elimination of misuse of this service.

Streamline Mobile Features

Effortless Dashboard Reporting

  • Streamline Mobile provides granular information on all levels of mobile usage
  • Hierarchical reports can be effortlessly sorted by business units, cost centres, regions or subscribers

Mobile Contract Management

  • Streamline Mobile provides numerous cost-saving benefits, including contract optimisation; best package selection; insights for voice; data; enterprise bundles; Voice Activated Services (VAS); and content service contracts
  • It also allows provision for the decommissioning of services
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