What is Streamline Sip Fraud Prevention and Detection

Our Cloud hosted Streamline Fraud Management Solution provides much-needed protection against voice fraud within the telecommunications ecosystem, irrespective of what Unified Communications (UC) technology or telecom service provider/s are being utilised.

This powerful platform integrates directly with the Session Boarder Controller (SBC), thereby delivering dynamic call fraud analysis, which allows for automatic identification, as well as blocking of fraudulent voice calls before these calls even start.
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Customer Challenges

Negligent Password Management

Poor or negligent password management by users results in devices or network entry being easily comprised.

Voice Fraud Losses

Global statistics reflect that voice fraud now amounts to more than R879 Billion whereby, irrespective of what telecoms service provider is utilised, no customer is safe without the required pro-active management platforms in place.

Platform Vulnerabilities

As ongoing new Unified Communications technologies are released and adopted within the market, there are initially unidentified vulnerabilities within these platforms that fraudsters discover and quickly expose, costing a customer millions of rands in just a few days.

Poor Security

Often, poor organisation security or company password policies leave a business open to hacking.

Streamline Fraud Benefits


Freedom from telecommunications service providers.

Mitigated Risks

Mitigated risks on compromised Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) devices.

Proactive Fraud Prevention

Proactive fraud prevention with automated fraud notifications.


Fraudulent call protection.

Easily Identified

Unusual traffic patterns easily identified.

Ability to Blacklist or Whitelist

Ability to blacklist or whitelist specific numbers, number ranges or international destinations.

Full Reporting

Full reporting and dashboard views provided.

Streamline Fraud Features


  • No reliance on the telecommunications service providers to secure your organisation's infrastructure against fraud abuse


  • Fraudulent calls can be identified and blocked before the call even starts
  • Only legitimate calls will be allowed to route through and no user intervention is required


  • Irrespective of which PABX, UC technology or telecommunications service provider is being utilised, Streamline Fraud integrates with any SBC


  • Unusual traffic patterns of a user’s phone activity can be identified
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