Why choose Adapt IT Energy?

In-depth industry knowledge and expertise are what sets Adapt IT Energy apart from its competitors. The team is able to help clients innovate, optimise and digitise their Oil and Gas sector supply chain value chain.

Effectively operate and manage an end-to-end fuel retail environment. Use Adapt IT Energy’s turnkey solutions to ensure that every aspect of a fuel retail site and convenience store is functioning optimally. Utilise the team’s Oil and Gas sector expertise to enhance productivity by optimising and automating processes related to any fuel retail environment.

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Automate terminal operations to enhance business agility and reduce operating costs

Optimise and automate all logistic and administrative processes at fuel terminals and depots by streamlining and integrating processes related to the storage, transportation, and distribution of fuel.

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Improve supply chain visibility

Effectively manage and automate supply chain planning, forecasting, routing, scheduling, and fuel distribution. Use the analytics provided by this innovative solution to identify opportunities for cost reduction and increased productivity.

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Bridge the skills gap with industry-specific talent

Respond to your business’s skills and support needs with Adapt IT Energy’s consulting service. Utilise the team of highly skilled talent pool of Oil and Gas sector specialists who can quickly align to an organisation’s technical and business needs and requirements.

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Streamline and integrate business management processes

Utilise the fastest growing ERP system in the world to integrate critical business functions relating to financial management, accounting, warehousing, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, sales, support, human resources, and CRM. Adapt IT Energy can also effectively manage a client’s IT training and enablement, IT governance framework/benchmarking, IT resourcing, software, and infrastructure needs.

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Effective application and technical system support

Adapt IT Energy’s certified and accredited support team is on hand to provide business, application, and technical support 24/7. The team commits to providing clients with the support they need to run their business effectively.

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SAP™ certified

As a full spectrum SAP™ partner, Adapt IT has SAP™ build, services and sell capabilities. The group is a certified Application Management Services (AMS) and Hosting partner and is the only certified Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider in Africa. Adapt IT’s support operation is audited by SAP™ Germany regularly and the group holds the following accreditations:

SAP-Certified Provider of Hosting Operations


SAP-Certified Provider of SAP HANA Operations


SAP-Certified Provider of Cloud and Infrastructure Operations


SAP-Certified Provider of Application Operations for SAP Business Suite


SAP-Certified Provider of Application Operations for SAP SuccessFactors solutions


SAP-Certified Provider of BPO Operations


Products that make this possible


SAP™ Oil-In-One

This preconfigured solution provides companies with an integrated end-to-end view of operational and business activities. It also integrates best practice Oil and Gas sector business and system processes.


SAP™ HCM Spectrum

This solution offers an advanced human capital management and payroll solution in a software as a service (SaaS) model. It aims to simplify and standardise processes related to organisational management and personnel administration to increase productivity and business effectiveness.



This ERP solutions allows clients to manage every aspect of their business through one solid, scalable system. This solution also enables clients to make data-driven decisions on a daily basis with integrated analytics, and further allows them to connect and manage processes related to finances, sales, customers, purchasing, inventory, and production planning.



An industry leading, turnkey business management solution for large and mid-sized companies in the Oil and Gas sector, this solution simplifies operational processes and effectively manages every aspect of product movement, storage, and handling.


ORTEC supply chain and distribution optimisation

ORTEC provides sophisticated and comprehensive advanced planning and transport and distribution solutions for supply chain optimisation. These solutions allow clients to optimise their routing, scheduling, transport, logistics and distribution processes.


Adapt IT Remote Management System (ARMS)

This is a Cloud-based agnostic automated support and maintenance solution that enables the high availability and performance of IT infrastructure and applications for fuel marketers with large distributed networks. This solution allows clients to effectively manage their head office, back-office, forecourt, inventory, and payment systems efficiently and effectively.