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Increase business agility and reduce operating costs by automating terminal operations. Automation is key to business agility and performance. Take control of business performance by fully automating fuel terminal operations. Use Adapt IT Energy’s Terminal Automation Systems to simplify operational processes and to effectively manage every aspect of product movement, storage, and handling.

Manage fuel storage and handling at terminals and depots with ease. Gain control and peace of mind that fuel storage and handling processes are efficient and effective by optimising and automating all logistic and administrative processes at fuel terminals and depots. Not only does this ensure that all processes follow the same standards of quality and safety, but it provides accountability at a click of a button.

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Integrate and streamline processes to enhance performance

Depending on business needs, this solution allows clients to incorporate all storage, handling and measurement processes. This includes weighbridge integration, SAP™ integration, SCADA integration, gate-to-gate automation, bay integration, meter integration and loading controls automation. By integrating and streamlining processes, clients can enhance performance, save on operating costs and improve accountability in the workplace.

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Access to critical data in real-time

Adapt IT Energy’s innovative Terminal Automation System provides access to real-time information and reporting on all product movement and handling operations. Gain valuable and critical insight on all operational processes and their functionality through automated inventory reconciliation, stock management systems, Faculty Business Systems (FBS), Central Business Systems (CBS) and Terminal Management System (TMS) at the click of a button.

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Effective business, application and technical support

Even using the best terminal management systems, support is critical. Adapt IT Energy’s certified and accredited support team is on hand to provide business, application, and technical support 24/7. Through the service management centre, the team provides support on software applications such as Fuel-Facs+, processor control network issues, call logging, tracking and escalation, high impact ticket resolution and more.

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Customer testimonial

Sasol successfully upgrades with Adapt IT Energy.


The FuelFacs System was successfully upgraded to version 5 at the Sasol Secunda Terminal. We’d like to extend a huge congratulations to the Adapt IT Energy team and all those involved in the go-live for completing this seamlessly during lockdown!

Jai George
Sasol Secunda

Products that make this possible


Technip FMC FuelFacs+

This terminal automation and control solution is a world-leading facility management system that provides fully automated fuel terminal operations that manage every aspect of product movement.



Fulfil transactions where weighbridges are used to determine load and offloaded volumes. This solution can either be a standalone or used as part of an integrated solution.



This highly configurable middleware solution provides real-time mapping of interface data and quick turnaround on host interface implementations, significantly reducing the need for custom development and interface construction.


Knowledge enablement powered by SAP™ Enable Now

Using SAP™ Enable Now, a comprehensive learning enablement solution, Adapt IT helps organisations to build enterprise knowledge by creating, managing and delivering formal training, informal learning and employee performance support through an end-to-end workforce training suite.


Supply chain advisory services

Through a managed service, Adapt IT Energy provides a talent acquisition capability and function, sourcing skilled and experienced sector and solutions-focused human resources to meet the skills demand and requirements for clients’ businesses.


Managed support services

A fully integrated service management centre provides business, application and technical support services that are highly configurable and are based on a client’s business requirements.