Aug 19 2020

What Is SAP IBP?

by Adapt IT Energy
The Oil and Gas Industry is dynamic and ever changing, with varying degrees of uncertainty from day to day. This, coupled with more competition and increasing customer expectations, puts Oil and Gas companies under even more pressure to ensure that their supply chain is functioning optimally....Read More
Aug 03 2020

Factors Affecting Supply Chain Technology In The Energy Industry

by Adapt IT Energy
Digital transformation is one of those popular terms that is often included in conversations relating to the oil and gas industry, specifically supply chain management. This term refers to the use of technology and digital software solutions to enhance how the supply chain runs, is used to optimise operational and business processes, reduce costs, and increase business profitability. There are several factors affecting supply chain technology and digital transformation including competition and costs, demand forecasting and planning, talent shortages and more. For supply chain technology to be effective, it is essential to have a solution that fits your specific business needs, giving your business the competitive edge needed to drive ROI and productivity....Read More
Jul 23 2020

What Is ORTEC Inventory Routing (OIR)?

by Adapt IT Energy
Over the years, many industries, including the oil and gas industry, have turned to technology to improve and optimise systems within the downstream supply chain. The advances in software technology, specifically within this industry, has focused on using data and analytics to fuel change, enhance reliability, optimise processes and facilitate better organisation within the supply chain. The results of this type of optimisation include cost reductions, increased profitability and enhanced customer satisfaction. One such solution that answers to this is the ORTEC Inventory Routing (OIR) software....Read More
Jul 15 2020

Types of Inventory Control systems in the Oil and Gas Industry

by Adapt IT Energy
Digital transformation in the oil and gas industry has seen the development of several software solutions that assist in optimising and managing the downstream supply chain. The supply chain consists of many different systems that need to be regulated and integrated, one of these moving parts lies in inventory control. Several types of Inventory control systems work to assist in maximising profits, creating greater visibility of stock, enhancing quality control and reducing operating costs....Read More
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