APN-as-a-Service (Access Point Name)



Adapt IT Telecoms APN-as-a-Service (Access Point Name), ensures business continuity when implementing remote working.

  • We provide APN-as-a-Service to clients without them needing the expertise to either provision or run their own APN infrastructure.
  • The solution allows employees to securely access the internet anywhere and at any time through fast and mainly secured data connectivity to an private organisation’s intranet and internet, or both.
  • APN-as-a-Service platform management allows for visibility, control and predictability of data spend.
  • The authentication is then aligned with the corporation’s governance requirements.
  • Data consumption is managed on the platform and updated every 60 seconds to provide companies with a real time view of consumed data.
  • SIMs are locked when data allocations are reached in order to control out of bundle spend.
  • With Adapt IT Telecoms APN-as-a-Service, platform setting up process is quick and easy. The solution does not require any interaction from the company to the mobile operator. Instead, Adapt IT Telecoms liaises directly with the mobile operator to provide clients with additional peace of mind. The process that is used at Adapt IT Telecoms to get corporations up and running includes the following steps:
    • The company provides us with connectivity requirements for Vodacom and MTN.
    • We request SIMs from a 3rd party who handles Rica & Fica, activation and APN provisioning.
    • Once the lines are active, we provision the SIMs on our platform, allocate data and set up alerts and business rules.
    • The SIMs are then deployed to the customer/company where they can allocate and manage all the data across both networks on our platform.
    • The entire process takes approximately 72 working hours from order to deployment.