Adapt IT Reporting Tools

Adapt IT is committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty, integrity and ethical conduct. The company believes that every action has a reaction and that the ripples of economic crime reach everyone, therefore it is everyone’s responsibility to blow the whistle on dishonest behaviour. The EthicsDefender and FraudCracker Tools makes this easier.

Giving stakeholders a voice

Adapt IT understands that fair labour practices and good corporate citizenship drive sustainable revenue, profit growth, and return on investment. It prides itself on its compliance with legislation, and commitment to ethical, fair and sustainable business practices. The EthicsDefender and FraudCracker Reporting Tools will be another way for stakeholders to voice their concerns about the company’s conduct, and facilitate continued growth and sound long-term relationships.

24 Hour Ethics Reporting Tools: report unethical conduct anywhere, anytime.

Use the below reporting tools to report any unethical or fraudulent behavior by scanning this QR code or clicking on the link to report a matter:

Ethical principles for all

Adapt IT has a set of core principles that lie at the heart of how it aims to combat unethical conduct. The company believes in respect, honesty, responsibility and accountability. These core principles filter into how we engage with customers and anyone else that the company has a relationship with. Adapt IT, therefore, conducts business in an ethical and professional manner. The company upholds the letter and spirit of agreements and reports accurately on business performance and prospects. To capture and consolidate all its values and ensure continued commitment to them, Adapt IT has drafted various policies that apply to employees and third parties that it engages with. The formation of core principles and drafting of these policies is part of the company’s’ wider efforts to achieve good governance. You can read more about Adapt IT’s governance efforts here or read the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy or Ethics and Conduct Policy below.

In addition to generally honouring Adapt IT’s core principles, employees also abide by the following, specifically:


  • Accept accountability for their actions and decisions.
  • Behave in a way that honours the spirit of the company’s policies.
  • Comply with the rules, procedures and regulations of the company, and laws of the country.
  • Respect and use their best efforts to maintain and protect your confidential and personal information.
  • Treat people with respect, fairness and courtesy.