The Adapt IT Manufacturing division develops software solutions for manufacturing, agri-processing, resources and utilities sectors, servicing over 120 clients in 27 countries. The division combines 23 years of experience with a consultative approach to design innovative solutions that address unique sector challenges ranging from the coordination of large-scale procurement; inventory management; control payment of cane growers; to solutions managing the safety of nuclear power plant refuelling shutdowns.


Value Proposition

The division is a provider of specialised software products for sugar producers, security providers, power stations, mines and other heavy industry. The software products are serviced by subject matter experts in the sectors in which we operate.

Flagship Software
  • EasyRoster Workforce Management software
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Expense Management
  • Operational Risk Management – OpSUITE (including IntelliPERMIT)
  • Sugar Industry ERP Solution
  • Sugar Industry LIMS Solution – CaneLab
  • Weighbridge Automation – ScaleABILITY
  • Business Advisory
  • ERP Support
  • Software Development, Implementations, Systems Integration
  • Sustainability Reporting

Company Experience

  • Over 23 years of combined experience
  • Over 120 clients
  • Over 27 countries

Key Products

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Product Overview


IntelliPERMIT is a comprehensive and highly flexible permit to work, job hazard analysis and energy isolation management solution. Digitisation of these processes improves compliance and provides fine control over large numbers of contractors during complex maintenance turnarounds. Visualise SIMOPS, consistently apply business rules, streamline work packs involving multiple activities, and ensure that all participants are trained, competent and authorised for their specific roles. See www.intellipermit.com for further details.

Tranquillity : Sugar Industry ERP Solutions

Tranquillity is the business system of choice for global sugar companies, handling all aspects of the manufacture of refined sugar, ethanol and other derivatives. Built using leading Oracle technologies, the software has been proven over decades in challenging and diverse environments.

The software has been designed for ease-of-use in order to operate across multiple countries as part of an integrated enterprise. The system requires very little configuration, being based on best practice in sugar manufacturing, and with simplicity at the core of the design.

This solution integrates information from key business functions such as purchase orders, vendors, inventory, general ledger costs, invoices and materials; with the general ledger accounting updates that occur as a transaction is processed. This eliminates many hours spent reconciling control accounts and closing off monthly and yearly accounting periods.

The solution is seamlessly integrated with weighbridge, laboratory information, maintenance, operations management and grower payment systems. We also have integration points into 3rd party project planning and agricultural management solutions.

OpSUITE : Safety Health Environment and Quality Solutions | Permit to Work | Energy Isolations

OpSUITE’s safety and operations management solutions are trusted by the world’s leading resources and manufacturing companies to reduce operational risk, improve compliance, and drive safety performance.

The platform supports a wide array of business processes:

  • Energy isolation and lockout
  • Incident reporting
  • Inspections and corrective tasks
  • Job observations
  • Management of change
  • Meeting minutes
  • Permit to work
  • Risk assessment and JHA
  • Rounds checklists
  • Safety audits
  • Shift handover
  • Standby roster
  • Temporary operating instructions

CaneLAB : Weighbridge and Laboratory Testing Solutions for The Sugar Industry

Monitoring the critical inputs and outputs of sugar milling operations, CaneLab is a business-critical application. The weighbridge module provides secure and auditable records of all deliveries, with the cane testing and factory lab modules monitoring quality throughout the process.


ScaleABILITY is a complete weighbridge solution, integrated with security equipment, marshalling systems, positioning beams and everything else that is necessary to achieve automated, fast and reliable bulk materials processing.

The application allows for rapid capture of meta-data associated with deliveries, and to validate transactions against a set of business rules designed to detect and combat fraud.

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Easy Roster : Workforce Management software

Workforce Management software empowers managers to improve labour efficiency and meet client human resource requirements by providing tools to ensure efficient rostering and posting of personnel at locations.


SAP HCM implementation
Payroll outsourcing

Streamline Expense Management (EM)

Adapt IT’s TEM division focuses on helping customers optimise and understand their expenses, in particular, their technology spend. The division has the ability to source invoice data via direct feeds from most of the major technology providers in South Africa. This gives customers complete control to centrally audit, review and manage their technology vendor and other expense spend, contracts, and services.

Customers have received returns on their investment is excess of 500% based on the results of spend analysis. By enabling them to make informed decisions from a central system of record across all technology services, they improve their cost management, allocations, billing accuracy, and overall accountability.

Streamline EM gives customers and consultants a Cloud environment to analyse technology spend by vendor, service, timeframe and across industry standard cost and expense categories.

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