Operators are constantly looking for innovative ways to stay ahead of their competitors in an operating environment that is constantly evolving. Our solutions reduce the pressure on cash flow and margins while adding value through go-to-market feature and quick investment returns. They are cloud and security ready, dynamic and flexible, attracting new clients and providing actionable intelligence to grow their market share.

Adapt IT I Telecoms offers products and solutions across an MNO’s Core Network, from Next-Gen Value Added  Services through to Data Analytics and IoT Management. Our solutions offer a high return on investment through neatly packaged, scalable, resilient, carrier grade and fully integrated software suites.

Our cloud-ready platforms, using API integrations, can be deployed on any hardware, streamlining and accelerating integration with diverse network architectures. We continue to provide long-term delivery and support into global tier 1, 2 and 3 MNO’s and MVNO’s, with over 2500 corporate and enterprise end-user customers.

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Product Overview

Providing your corporate customers with shared resources like directory services, identity management and credential validation.

Enhancing customer experience with interactive operational dashboards, digitization, optimization, reporting, and expense and usage management tools.

Taking basic services like USSD, SMS, Bulk SMS, and elevating them to simple, easy-to-use, essential tools.

Experience financial freedom with our secure solutions, including the money wallet, AML module, MFS analytics and financial integration. These solutions are easily implemented and compatible with most financial institutions.

Administrate all your mobile assets and resources from a simple, single, integrated platform.

Improve your business processes by tracking your high-value customers, following emerging trends, exploring revenue, data health and more.

Product Overview

Advanced telco event analysis for the purpose of:

  • Full EDW solutions for MNO, MVNOs and other entities (regulators) that have an interest in telecommunication data

  • Know your customer: 360-degree view of subscribers’ behaviour, usage, spend, location, devices and VAS

  • Customer segmentation and value scoring

  • Network revenue management including near real-time ARPU/ASPU tracking

  • Network utilisation and performance analysis

  • Subscriber demographic and market share analysis (including that of competitor networks): mobility, growth, tenure, churn

  • Fraud detection, revenue assurance and anti money laundering

  • Interconnect management

  • Device usage and performance analysis

  • Support and retention of corporate customers

  • Real-time alerts on network events

  • Customised solutions

Self-service solution for Mobile Network Operator, ISP or MVNO that allows you to support your high-value corporate customers and Advanced Network Analytics Teams to enable effective business decisions by:

Visibility of spend aligned with your business structure Insight into voice, SMS and data spend Optimisation of contract bundle allocation

Optimization of contract bundle allocation

Streamline Mobile

Streamline Mobile provides customers with insight and transparency into their mobility costs through an extensive deep-dive into billing and usage of mobile devices. This data can be integrated with our other solutions to check billing accuracy and identify anomalies for further investigation.

Streamline Mobile is where customers and consultants can analyse, monitor, manage and make fact-based decisions on their mobility spend.

Streamline Usage

With Adapt IT’s Streamline Usage solution, customers can easily transform their itemised usage data into actionable insights, and in doing so, better manage and control usage behaviour in their organisations in respect of technology, telecommunications and cloud services.

Adapt IT helps our to drive the correct usage behaviour through managing personal use, highlighting potential abuse as well as zero-based usage of related services.

Streamline Fraud

With the uptake of SIP technology within the voice market, customer’s exposure to voice fraud has sustainably increased. Streamline Fraud prevents a variety of telecom fraud attacks by combatting financial losses from hacking attacks.

Streamline Hosted Collaboration Suite (HCS)

HCS offering is designed to extend telecommunications technology partners go-to-market with a self-service management platform that enables their hosted voice and video service offerings.

Streamline Expense Management (EM)

Adapt IT’s TEM division focuses on helping customers optimise and understand their expenses, in particular, their technology spend. The division has the ability to source invoice data via direct feeds from most of the major technology providers in South Africa. This gives customers complete control to centrally audit, review and manage their technology vendor and other expense spend, contracts, and services.

Customers have received returns on their investment is excess of 500% based on the results of spend analysis. By enabling them to make informed decisions from a central system of record across all technology services, they improve their cost management, allocations, billing accuracy, and overall accountability.

Streamline EM gives customers and consultants a Cloud environment to analyse technology spend by vendor, service, timeframe and across industry standard cost and expense categories.