Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE)

Adapt IT Holdings Proprietary Limited (Adapt IT) has since its inception focused on B-BBEE as a strategic imperative to ensure continued sustainability and transformation rather than as a matter of compliance. Thus, the focus remains on our transformation goals.

Adapt IT has formed a B-BBEE Committee which meets quarterly with a mandate to govern and monitor the B-BBEE performance of the organisation, to educate stakeholders and decision makers on positive transformation.

Our B-BBEE strategy goal is to ensure the Company is fully representative of the combined skills and talents of the communities in which we operate and that we constructively contribute towards the broader society.

Adapt IT continues to invest in the upliftment of disadvantaged South African communities and remains committed to continuing with this practice through the corporate and divisional Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects.

Adapt IT continues to invest in larger, longer-term initiatives focusing on education projects, with the main goal of being the support of projects that will encourage ICT education and grow ICT skills in local communities. 

The B-BBEE verification is performed annually by an independent SANAS accredited assurance provider.

Download the following certificates here:

Adapt IT (Pty) Ltd B-BBEE Certificate

Adapt IT Holdings Proprietary Limited B-BBEE Certificate

Adapt IT Holdings Proprietary Limited Compliance Report

Employment Equity

All the divisions within Adapt IT are involved in and committed to promoting the employment equity policy. Adapt IT’s approach to addressing its employment equity and management control imperatives is to focus on skills and leadership development, with particular emphasis on the identification of talented historically disadvantaged individuals for development and fast-tracking into leadership roles.

The business imperative is monitored by the Employment Equity Committee, which reports the progress and results of specific initiatives to the Social and Ethics Committee. Adapt IT will continue to attract, retain and develop talent from the designated groups with available employment opportunities.