The Adapt IT Finance Professionals division is one of South Africa’s leading software houses and has specialised in the design, development and deployment of financial software solutions for auditing and accounting professionals for more than 25 years. The division’s 20 000+ users come from more than 4 500 audit and accounting firms, government entities, municipalities and large Blue-Chip companies across Africa. The team of 100+ people is highly qualified and skilled in delivering innovative solutions for audit, financial reporting, tax, secretarial and practice management.

Value Proposition

Caseware Africa provides a full range of professional services and “best of breed” solutions to over 20 000 customers, spanning from Audit and Accounting to Tax and Secretarial. These world-class products are not only designed to deliver on their compliance promise, but also provides for quality results, increased effectiveness and improved profitability.

Flagship Software

  • Caseware Working Papers
  • Audit International
  • Probe Audit Premium Plus, Compilation and Review
  • SQM – System of Quality Management
  • ISAE Attestation – Legal Practitioner and Estate Agent Trust Accounts
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures
Financial Reporting
  • Caseware Working Papers
  • Public Sector Financial Reporting
  • SME Financials
  • IFRS Financials
  • Interim Financials
  • XBRL Reporting
Practice Management
  • Time & Billing 
  • Caseware Cloud and Collaboration
  • Secretarial Management
  • Tax Management


Software implementation services in support of:

  • Financial Reporting and Assurance Software Implementation
  • Practice Management Software Implementation
  • Customisation of Financial Statements
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Support

Key Products

CaseWare Africa 85-1
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Product Overview

The integrated time and billing solution that every practice needs
Time is an easy add-on Caseware Cloud time management app that lets you log time and manage your WIP, as well as store client contact information, store and back up your documents, and collaborate on Caseware files.

Manage your practice with a wide range of solutions for different reporting structure and compliance standards.

Caseware Working Papers is the ultimate end-to-end solution for auditors and accountants. The financial statement software handles the entire engagement from start to finish, in one integrated system. It covers everything from the write-up or acquisition of the trial balance to the final financial statements, and any required working papers and audit programmes in between.

Effective methodologies to keep you compliant.

Our assurance engagements are guaranteed to exceed expectations, reduce risk, comply with the latest regulations and improve profitability

The global leader for IFRS-compliant financial statements
Caseware is the leader when it comes to automating the preparation of a full set of corporate financial statements according to IFRS and IFRS for SMEs. Beyond this core offering, we also provide complementary software solutions that use the data you already have in Caseware to manage and improve your other reporting requirements such as consolidations, monthly management reports and company tax.

Caseware Cloud gives staff the flexibility to work on financial statements regardless of time and location. When they access financial statements on Caseware Cloud, you will have peace of mind knowing that they're working with the most up-to-date version – as changes made across the team automatically sync to the master copy.

We offer a wide range of unique, integrated, public sector financial reporting solutions including Modified Cash and mSCOA solutions.

CloudSec manages and builds structure around secretarial processes
CloudSec is an add-on Caseware Cloud app that takes care of all your statutory compliance processes in one place. CloudSec manages and builds structure around secretarial processes so you can complete secretarial tasks quickly, easily and within the legal framework.