Financial Statements

Automated generation of financial statements


Automation of Audit Methodology

Tax Management

Tax management automation, efficiency and collaboration

Secretarial Management

Secretarial process management and efficiencies

Timing Tracking

Accurate and efficient time tracking for invoicing

Caseware Cloud

Multiple entity cloud engagements, workflow, task and document management

Student Life-cycle Management

A web-enabled integrated end-to-end student lifecycle management system


State of the art timetabling solution for optimising resource utilisation, timetable publication, attendance tracking and pay-claim management


Web-based holistic management of private higher education and the corporate training sector

Relationship Management System

Automation of audit methodology

ERP Solution

Sugar industry-focused ERP solution with specialised functions

Safety Compliance

Software solution to improve safety, compliance and efficiency of maintenance work and shutdowns

Operations Management

Advanced software solution to manage EHS processes, operations management data, improved compliance and coordination between parties

Expense Management

Streamlined expense management

Mobility Expense Management

Streamlined mobility expense management

IT Asset Allocation and Integration

Streamlined IT asset allocation and integration

ICT Usage Management

Streamlined usage management across technology, telecommunications and cloud services

Billing Solutions

Integrated billing solutions to manage own and 3rd party technology offerings

Roster Management

Effective management system used for the rostering and posting of shift workers