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How CFOs can empower their Corporate Governance using data analytics with Caseware IDEA®
In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the effective utilisation of data analytics has become paramount for companies seeking to bolster their corporate governance practices. Leveraging tools like Caseware IDEA®, organisations can tap into a multitude of capabilities to streamline processes, mitigate risks, and drive informed decision-making.
How a 3D digital twin can enhance safety

It is critical when working in industrial environments to make sure that all work takes place safely. The permit to work ensures that all hazards are identified, risks are analysed and the necessary controls are implemented to protect against an incident.

Employee Engagement shows our willingness to adapt and Achieve more.

“Change is inevitable and learning to embrace it rather than resist it, is critical to survival and success. We strive to maintain an open mindset and introspect to keep learning and re-evaluating what we do, to make it better, and remain agile and flexible in our decision-making to respond and adjust to an ever-changing world.”

Matric Class of 2020 – Celebrating triumph over adversity to Achieve more.

I am very pleased to be writing this, my first blog, in celebration of the Matric Class of 2020. For me there really is no more fitting occasion to celebrate triumph over adversity than South Africa’s 2020 Grade 12 learners.

Voice Fraud Attacks Cost Companies Millions!

Chances are, at some point, your business has suffered a shocking bill from your connectivity vendor for international calls that you can instantly conclude were not made by anyone in your business. What did you do? What can you do in the future? Adapt IT’s powerful Streamline SIP Fraud Prevention & Detection solution can and will save you millions from voice fraud attacks.

This is a global problem. Some customers have noted that they have incurred losses of as much as R15 million in just a few days as a result of voice fraud.