Voice Fraud Attacks Cost Companies Millions!

Voice Fraud Attacks Cost Companies Millions!

Chances are, at some point, your business has suffered a shocking bill from your connectivity vendor for international calls that you can instantly conclude were not made by anyone in your business. What did you do? What can you do in the future? Adapt IT’s powerful Streamline SIP Fraud Prevention & Detection solution can and will save you millions from voice fraud attacks.

Fraud Preventation Blog This is a global problem. Some customers have noted that they have incurred losses of as much as R15 million in just a few days as a result of voice fraud.

What are voice fraud attacks?

Adapt IT’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) division has seen businesses being billed upwards of R15 million over just a few days because of voice fraud attacks, which can last as little as a few hours or could go on for months, depending on when the fraud is noticed and manually stopped.

On closer investigation of your itemised voice bill records, you will see that these costs appear differently to your ‘standard’ international rates. This is because the numbers dialled are ‘premium rated’ numbers, meaning that you will get billed for not only the international portion of the call but also the ‘premium rated’ number portion.

‘Premium rated’ numbers are charged at a much higher rate compared to usual international phone calls, which allows the receiver to earn revenue on the incoming call from your dedicated number. This is one of the reasons that voice fraud attacks can incur such inflated costs over a short period of time.

Examples of ‘premium rated’ numbers can include those relating to psychic readings, betting tips, chat lines, or weather reports. Calls to these numbers can be lengthy due to numerous interactive voice response options.

How does this happen?

With fraudsters (hackers) making use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, finding weak points in your organisation is not as hard as you would think. Adapt IT has seen that once an attack has taken place, finding the point of entry can prove to be a lengthy exercise, or even an impossible one.

The challenges that our customers face regarding voice fraud attacks vary, but include the following:

  • A lack of corrected cyber security policies, resources and capacity to identify and lockdown vulnerabilities.
  • New UC technologies having un-identified vulnerabilities.
  • Negligent password management – poor security and password management policies etc.


The solution!

Adapt IT’s Streamline SIP Fraud Prevention & Detection (SFPD) is a powerful solution to this problem. With dynamic call fraud analysis and rule-based technology, SFPD can automatically identify and block fraudulent voice calls before they even begin.

How to combat and address voice fraud?

Fraud Preventation CroppedIf a call is deemed to be fraudulent by Adapt IT’s customised voice triggers, it will be blocked immediately with automated fraud notifications sent to you and your team for further investigation.

This means that:

    • You can avoid any reliance on the telco service provider in securing the customer’s infrastructure against fraud abuse.
    • The solution will identify unusual traffic patterns in the user’s and company’s phone activity.
    • Risks on compromised SIP devices are mitigated.
    • You can easily blacklist or whitelist specific numbers/ranges or international destinations, so there is no need to worry about legitimate business calls being blocked.
    • You will receive full reporting and dashboard views provided within the platform.

Adapt IT’s software integrates with any session border controller, irrespective of what PABX, UC technology or telco service provider you have. No user intervention is required for calls to be blocked, and notifications can be setup via email and Microsoft Teams messaging.

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