Social and Ethics Committee


Oliver Fortuin

Independent Non-Executive Director
8 February 2013 - 03 March 2022

“Sustainability responsibilities of organisations continue to broaden with changing operating environments, but sustainability has always been a key imperative for Adapt IT and its stakeholders.”

Adapt IT has always recognised and operated by the imperative that sustainability is determined by an organisation’s ability to adapt and identify opportunities to support its stakeholders within challenging environments.

As the pandemic continues to present varying challenges within the company’s operations, Adapt IT’s leadership continues to implement and monitor measures that are aimed at supporting its employees and customers while mitigating impact on the business.

Adapt IT continues to maintain its commitment to pursuing success beyond financial achievements. Making positive impacts and reducing negative impacts on the environment and wider society are steadfast goals of the company.

As a technology provider, it seeks to facilitate improved technology proficiency through its offerings. It is expected that technology will play a significant role in the long term recovery and development of economies around the world and the company is well placed to contribute to this digital transformation.

Maintaining the B-BBEE Level 1 status reflects the company’s long standing commitment to making a meaningful contribution towards the South African transformation imperative.

Adapt IT believes in an ethical culture that is steeped in a strong values base. The company holds itself and its employees to high ethical standards in the execution of work, with embedded standards of good, right and fair conduct.

For Adapt IT, sustainability includes ensuring that the company’s activities and policies align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through the implementation of relevant international standards. The company is committed to actively assessing and reporting on progress made.

Looking ahead, the business will continue to operate in the ethical, responsible and accountable manner, which all stakeholders have come to expect.

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