Social and Ethics Committee

Oliver Fortuin - Independent Non-Executive Director

"At Adapt IT, we believe that creating value takes place through our own sustainable operations and how we manage our impact our stakeholders, environment and wider society. This approach enables us to remain relevant as a generator of economic value over time."

In line with our vision – to be a leader in specialised software and digitally-led business solutions – our measure of success extends beyond financial value to include enabling our clients to reduce their own environmental footprint and increase efficiencies. 

Good corporate citizenship means being intentional and thoughtful about how we generate value for our shareholders, people, planet and future generations. We apply the same level of commitment, rigour, and sincerity to changing lives as we do to building cutting edge technology solutions for our customers, from a board level throughout the group. 

We have made the decision to benchmark ourselves against the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, using these as a guide to reflect on our impacts. 

The improvement of our B-BBEE status to Level 1 is a milestone that reflects our pursuit of transformation both within the group – for example, through maintaining a diverse and representative employee base to give us access to diverse perspectives and experiences – as well as in relation to external stakeholders from preferential procurement, supplier development practices, and impactful socio-economic development initiatives. 

Our view of sustainability extends to our business moral standards – standards of good, right and fair conduct – which are supported by strong values, to shape the decisions and actions of individuals within the organisation in the pursuit of its business objectives. 

Ethics are part of our corporate culture, embedded through employees’ behaviour in the workplace, day-to-day operations and values demonstrated through actions and decision-making from board throughout. Ethical behaviour and anti-corruption measures are instilled formally through the Adapt IT Behaviours Charter, policies, procedures and compliance to the relevant laws and regulations. 

To us, sustainability includes ensuring that our activities and policies align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals through the implementation of relevant international standards. We are committed, as we embark on the process of consciously evaluating our sustainability, to actively assess and report on the progress we have made in their implementation. 

Looking ahead, the business will continue to operate in the ethical, responsible and accountable way which all our stakeholders have come to expect of us. 

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