Adanian Labs, Adapt IT unite to foster data-driven ecosystem through collaborative innovation

Adanian Labs, Adapt IT unite to foster data-driven ecosystem through collaborative innovation


Press Release - Adanian Labs

Adanian Labs partnered with Adapt IT for a Work 4.1 Summit.

As the digital era reshapes the modern workforce, a fundamental understanding of data's role in shaping strategic decisions within businesses is gaining prominence. In a concerted effort to usher in a culture of data-driven excellence, Adanian Labs partnered with Adapt IT for a Work 4.1 Summit to empower African enterprises and educators to adeptly navigate the evolving technological landscape, particularly in the era of cutting-edge smart technologies.

The summit, held in August, served as the platform for the unveiling of the PDI model – people, data infrastructure. This transformative model, meticulously crafted by Adanian Labs, unlocks a new epoch of data-driven ingenuity. By fostering a harmonious interplay between people-centric strategies and robust data infrastructure, the model aspires to instil a culture of data-driven impact across the African business landscape.

John Kamara, the visionary Group CEO of Adanian Labs, shared: "In today's tech-driven landscape, a recalibration towards data is essential. Equipping individuals within organisations with the ability to grasp data's central role and unlock its latent value is pivotal. This empowerment propels data-driven operations, fostering growth, scalability and innovative breakthroughs, creating immense impact across sectors."

Kamara added: "In the dynamic world of digital transformation, the conventional notions of infrastructure, data, people (IDP) have paved the way. Today, we embrace a fresh perspective in the form of the PDI model, where people, data and infrastructure blend in that order, crafting a symphony of unparalleled data-driven success."

Insights stemming from research commissioned by the African Development Bank underscore the immense potential of data-driven decision-making in catalysing economic growth across the continent. Nonetheless, latent data value frequently remains untapped within organisations due to inadequate frameworks for collection, interpretation and a deficiency of an inclusive data-driven culture. The PDI model harmoniously aligns with the imperatives of nurturing a culture where data takes centre stage in decision-making. Moreover, the model ensures that the bedrock of technology aligns seamlessly with human insight.

Luxolo Rubushe, MD of Adapt IT's Education Division, underscored their dedication to steering business transformation through technology. “The alignment of Adapt IT and Adanian Labs resonates with a shared vision of empowering businesses in their journey through technological shifts. The PDI model's introduction resonates harmoniously with Adapt IT's mission, casting a transformative aura over businesses, catalysing an environment where people, data infrastructure and advanced technology converge to unlock a realm of unprecedented accomplishments.”

The Work 4.1 Summit was attended by key partners in the Adanian ecosystem, including Professor Ben Shenglin, Dean of Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS), Benjamin Dongani, head of China – Africa Center and Dong Ye, Head of Operations from ANT Group 10 x 1000 tech for Inclusion initiative.

Their active participation underscores a mutual commitment to fostering meaningful collaboration between China and Africa, spanning the realms of education and industry expansion. With a shared enthusiasm for bridging cross-continental pathways, these parties are poised to play an instrumental role in nurturing partnerships that drive knowledge exchange, innovation and sustainable growth across both regions.

Adanian Labs has established itself as a prominent African figurehead in AI, blockchain technology and Web 3.0 applications, a pivotal stance for orchestrating this transformative journey. By placing a spotlight on the inclusivity of individuals at the forefront of data-driven transformation, Adanian Labs envisions a future where optimised data structures and curated infrastructure converge harmoniously, bolstered by the wave of the artificial intelligence era.

The PDI model's introduction signifies a significant milestone in Africa's journey towards data-driven prominence. Together, Adanian Labs and Adapt IT co-author a narrative where the elevation of people stands as a catalyst, driving a data transformation seamlessly interwoven with the fabric of digital evolution.

Adanian Labs
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