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Aug 08 2022

Adapt IT Hospitality and AGILEUM Hospitality join forces to ignite customer success

by Creamer Media Reporter
Adapt IT Holdings Limited (“Adapt IT”) has concluded a transaction with AGILEUM Hospitality Limited to acquire the hospitality business as a going concern, through its Mauritian entity Adapt IT International Limited as of 2 August 2022. This transaction includes the Oracle Hospitality rights to service the Indian Ocean Hospitality market. Adapt IT is a South African headquartered global software and services group and a member of Volaris Group Inc. Adapt IT provides specialised software and digitally-led business solutions assisting over 10 000 businesses in over 55 countries worldwide across targeted industries to Achieve more by improving customer experience, core business operations, business administration, enterprise resource planning and public service delivery. Adapt IT will operate the Mauritius Hospitality business by leveraging its subsidiary Micros South Africa − an Oracle Hospitality partner since 1997. Micros South Africa has deep insights and experience in the...Read More
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