Micros SA launches innovative e-gifting global ecosystem platform for hospitality industry

Micros SA launches innovative e-gifting global ecosystem platform for hospitality industry


Reginald Sibeko - Managing Director at Micros SA

Micros South Africa, in conjunction with Singapore-based CPR Vision Management, this week launched an innovative e-gifting platform designed to help companies in the hospitality industry increase direct and repeat business, acquire new customers, and reward and win back existing customers. Named Isipo, the new platform is based on a platform developed by CPR Vision Management and widely used in the Asia Pacific region.

“E-gifting saved many hotels during the lockdowns, but what’s really exciting is how it can be used to turbo-charge growth and improve margins as the hospitality industry takes off,” said Reginald Sibeko, Managing Director, Micros SA. “Today’s market is all about experiences, and Isipo provides a way for South African and African hospitality players to sell the emotional, experiential side of their business.”

Speaking at the launch this week, Cameron Richards, CEO of CPR Vision Management, highlighted the many ways that e-gifting vouchers could be used to open up new income streams for the industry, and build recurring direct income.

He cited the example of one client which was able to sell $6 million-worth of vouchers during lockdown for later redemption, something that kept the business afloat.

In addition, Isipo allows hospitality companies to “close the loyalty loop” quickly, responding rapidly to aggrieved customers with an apology and a voucher, thus converting detractors into ambassadors. Similarly, vouchers can be used to convert customers into repeat business.

Research shows that when the vouchers are redeemed, 72% of customers will spend extra money at the establishment. The average voucher size is $150.

“With Isipo, vouchers can be merchant-specific, which means that the money goes direct to the establishment concerned, and the flexible platform allows users to develop new ways of attracting new and repeat business,” Richards said. “This is a purely Web-based platform, so it's ridiculously easy to implement and use, and doesn’t require the purchase of new hardware or software, making it extremely cost effective and eliminating any risk.”

Richards was speaking at Micros SA’s Hospitality TechConnect 22 event held on Monday, 10 October at the AdaptIT campus in Midrand.

“The event was aimed at showcasing the ways in which technology can be used to help companies in the hospitality industry future proof themselves, and seize today’s and tomorrow’s opportunities,” said Sibeko.

“Solutions like Isipo show just what kind of innovation we can introduce, and how it can provide solutions to existing challenges, and also suggest new lines of business,” continued Sibeko.

“Looking down the line, I think it’s clear that the industry’s winners will increasingly be using data to gain the insights that will open up blue water between them and competitors. Micros SA is working with a range of partners like CPR Vision Management to develop solutions that use data effectively,” he concluded.

Source: Tech Smart