Feb 23 2022

Flywire Partners with Adapt IT to Digitize International Education Payments in South Africa

by Flywire Corporation
Flywire integrates directly into the Adapt IT student management system to digitize and streamline cross-border education payments into South Africa BOSTON and JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Feb. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Flywire Corporation (Flywire) (Nasdaq: FLYW) a global payments enablement and software company announced the availability of an integration with Adapt IT Education, a division of Adapt IT Holdings Limited to streamline and digitize cross-border education payments for students studying in South Africa. As the exclusive international payments partner for Adapt IT, Flywire will improve the payment experience for students and their families, and the institutions that use Adapt IT software. A direct integration with Adapt IT's ITS Integrator student management system improves operational efficiencies and eases the administrative burden associated with international tuition payments, all within the familiar interface. As international students continue to pick South...Read More
Jan 31 2022

Powerful Data Analytics with CaseWare IDEA®

by CaseWare IDEA
CaseWare IDEA® Data Analysis is a comprehensive commanding data analytics tool that guarantees data integrity and accelerates the performance of analytics that yield faster and more effective external audits. As an external auditor, making sense of the organisational data of your clients can be challenging, to say the least. CaseWare IDEA® enables you to read, display, analyse, manipulate, sample and extract data with ease and from almost any source through a user-friendly, intuitive interface. Auditors can quickly produce tailored reports, identify trends and outliers and detect fraud in the external audit. According to Christiaan Steyn, Assurance Product Manager, CaseWare Africa, auditing teams spend a significant amount of their time selecting samples and analysing client data for audit engagements. “It is now more important than ever for auditors to look at all of the data in the audit, rather than just a sample. This is because of the explosion of the amount of data available to...Read More
Jan 21 2022

Q&A: Acquisitive Volaris pushes software investment in SA

by Mudiwa Gavaza
Mike Dufton explains Volaris’s investment philosophy, Adapt IT’s place in the portfolio and its plans for tech investment in Africa...Read More
Jan 18 2022

Adapt IT’s big plans following JSE delisting

by Staff Writer - MyBroadBand
Adapt IT has big plans to expand its offerings in Africa and are looking at acquisition opportunities following its acquisition by Volaris Group and delisting from the JSE. 2021 was a turbulent year for Adapt IT, with a bidding war for the company between Volaris Group and Huge Group and the resignation of its long-time CEO, Sbu Shabalala. This year started more positively with the conclusion of the Volaris deal, which gives Adapt IT the opportunity to expand to many more countries and customers around the globe. Speaking to Business Day TV, Adapt IT CEO Tiffany Dunsdon said the management team is excited, energised, and ready to expand the company’s operations. She said Adapt IT will assist Volaris to bring its vast range of software solutions to the African market. “The acquisition supercharged what Adapt IT has done to date and created a lot more access to solutions into Africa,” she said. Adapt IT will also look at potential acquisitions in Africa. “Volaris is acquisitive, which...Read More
Jan 18 2022

Adapt-IT: Ready to take private flight into mergers and acquisitions

by Sasha Planting
The Adapt IT Johannesburg Campus in Midrand, South Africa. (Photo: Twitter / @AdaptITSA)...Read More
Jan 18 2022

WATCH: What’s next for Adapt IT?

by Business Day TV
Business Day TV talks to Adapt IT CEO Tiffany Dunsdon Adapt IT is the first company to have delisted from the JSE in 2022. This is due to a successful takeover bid by Volaris at R7 per share that led it to acquire 63.87% of the company. Business Day TV spoke to CEO Tiffany Dunsdon for more detail....Read More